Root Canal Treatment (endodontics)

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Every day Masato and team van Mill perform root canal treatments either on their own patients or patients referred by other clinics.

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    Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment)

    Masato and team van Mill are committed to performing optimal root canal treatments with the help of sophisticated equipment and knowledge both on our own patients and those referred to us by fellow dentists.

    The anatomy (shape and construction) of a tooth is complicated. A successful root canal treatment requires specialised knowledge, skills, and special equipment. Team van Mill is committed to the treatment of root canals. Thanks to specific, international training alongside years of experience, the team van Mill dentists are skilled and able to successfully complete the most complicated of root canal treatments at an exceptionally high level.

    Innovative treatment at the highest level(Schilder technique)

    Dental clinic van Mill is known for its innovative technique at the very highest level. Dentist van Mill has a special collaboration with Dr. Clifford Ruddle in America, he is a specialist in endodontology who helped put the “Schilder technique” on the map worldwide.

    Professor Dr. Schilder was the very first academic to point out the importance of completely cleaning, shaping, and “packing” or filling the root canal, instead of the partial filling method.
    The latest developments and techniques within this treatment method are successfully used in our clinic to help us achieve successful root canal treatments.

    Advanced technology and special techniques are used for this, each treatment is performed under a microscope using Zeiss optics this allows us to clearly see the anatomy of the tooth and to treat accordingly.

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    We will contact you within 24 hours

      Duration of Treatment

      The root canal treatment is always carried out with extreme precision and concentration and generally lasts around 2 hours. We pay attention to the comfort and well-being of the patient, which helps them to relax during the treatment.


      Your dentist is a very well-trained general practitioner, who is very capable of performing a root canal treatment, however, he or she will often choose to refer a patient if the treatment seems complicated or if the tooth already has had a root canal and needs to have retreated. This treatment is called a “retreatment”

      Sometimes a previously performed treatment has not been successful, as a result, there is once again an inflammation or it has never gone away. This may be due to various factors, for example, internal damage due to the exceptional shape of the canal, which will need to be repaired. Sometimes, the tooth needing retreatment is part of a bridge and the ability to maintain this construction depends on successful treatment.

      The difference between retreatment and treatment is the pre-treatment.

      > Firstly, the existing filling material, the superstructures, and posts need to be carefully removed and the wall on the canals need to be brought back into shape without damaging them.
      > Secondly, the removal of broken instruments for a canal or the removal of existing structures and posts can in some cases take longer.
      Once the pre-treatment has taken place then we can start on the actual treatment, this mostly happens in one session, sometimes two or more sessions may be necessary.

      Dentists from all over the Netherlands may refer to us, your dentist will receive a report of the treatment on the same day.

      Method of root canal treatment


      Treatment /

      After Care

      Step 1 - Consultation

      During the intake, the tooth is examined using, among other things, X-rays. Depending on the referral and the request of your dentist, the treatment can sometimes be carried out immediately in consultation with you, or you will be given an appointment for the treatment after the consultation.

      Step 2 - Treatment / Retreatment

      We reserve 2 hours for a treatment and the tooth is anesthetized in all cases. During this treatment, the molar is isolated from the rest of the teeth and mouth with the aid of a rubber surgical flap – the “cofferdam” – so that you can work safely and hygienically.

      After this, the root canal treatment is performed in three steps: the so-called Clean, Shape and Pack.

      Step 3 - After Care

      Existing complaints usually disappear immediately after treatment. However, sometimes there may be some after-effects, varying in nature. Aftercare takes place to check that complaints are always harmless after treatment. Even when there are no complaints, there is aftercare to ensure that everything is healthy.

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      Our Customer Reviews

      Shiro Hanh Hoang

      "It was a pleasant experience and I was lucky enough that they were able to save my tooth. Professional, friendly, calm, with a sense of being in the hands of experts."

      Melanie Vraser

      "All my life I have dreaded visiting the dentist. I have been a patient at Dental Clinic van Mill for 5 years now and these days it's something I look forward to."

      Erik Bruis

      "I believed my teeth could not be saved. Masato and his team have helped me enormously. I have no more pain and finally, I have my life back."

      Pediatric dentistry

      Training Centre

      We are also a Training Centre for Endodontics, various training courses are organized yearly for dentists who would like to develop their skills further. We run small-scale courses, allowing for personal attention and one on one help with hands-on training.

      Cost indication

      The more complicated the anatomy of the tooth to be treated, the more complex the procedure is that the dentist needs to perform. The treatments are covered by the dental codes and rates established by the NZA or the Association of Dutch Dentists. Listed below is an approximate indication of the costs involved according to the number of canals in the tooth.

      One Canal

      e.g. a front tooth

      €675 – €775

      (Retreatment €775 – €875)

      Two Canals

      small molars

      €775 – €875

      (Retreatment €875 – €975)

      Three+ Canals

      big molars

      €875 – €975

      (Retreatment €975 – €1075)

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