Both children and adults want beautiful and regular teeth for a radiant smile. It may be that this is not the case with you and that you are bothered by the position of your teeth.

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    Why braces?

    Your teeth may be overlapping (crowding)
    Your teeth are crooked
    The upper jaw and lower jaw take a wrong position in relation to each other
    The teeth and molars of the lower and upper jaw do not fit together properly
    Your teeth are not coming through due to lack of space
    Something went wrong during the construction of the teeth: the shape is incorrect or a tooth is missing
    Between the front teeth are one or more spaces (spacing)
    It is also possible that you have already had braces, but the teeth have shifted again


    Jaw and tooth abnormalities can develop at a young age. The following reasons can be a cause of this:

    A lot of sucking on a thumb, finger or pacifier

    In small children, mouth breathing and lax postural muscles can negatively affect the development of teeth, faces and even health. Prevention is therefore better than cure!

    If you have the idea that your child is exhibiting habitual actions or movements that are negative for the dental position, it is best to start immediately. This way you can prevent your child from having to undergo more extensive treatments at a later age.

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    We will contact you within 24 hours

      Older kids

      If your child does need braces at a later age, we recommend that you do this between the ages of 10 and 16. At that age, jaw growth is still easily influenced. In addition, there is the advantage that more space is created by changing.

      Pediatric dentistry


      Although it is best to get braces at a young age, you can also have your teeth straightened at a later age. It is also possible that you had beautiful teeth at a young age, but that you develop complaints at a later age, such as pain in the jaw muscles, headache and neck pain. That is the reason for orthodontics medical. An accident or illness can also be a reason to visit an orthodontist. It can happen that your teeth have become crooked after the fall.

      Different types of orthodontics

      Aesthetic orthodontics
      Are your teeth not completely straight, do you have a gap between your teeth or are you missing one or more teeth? With ‘aesthetic orthodontics’ we ensure regular teeth and a beautiful smile. Aesthetic orthodontics is used when your teeth are not completely straight, for example, or when there is a gap between your teeth. It can also be used when you are missing one or more teeth.
      Facial driven orthodontics
      It may be that your teeth are beautiful, but do not quite match your face, making it appear that your mouth is slightly inwardly or slightly outwards. Then facial driven orthodontics is an option for you. With facial driven orthodontics we achieve the right support for the development of your face. his way your teeth form a harmonious whole with the rest of the face.
      Functional orthodontics
      Do your teeth not close properly and do you have an open bite and you can not bite and chew properly? Or do you breathe through your mouth? Then the function and shape of your teeth do not go well together. We treat these problems with functional orthodontics. In addition to treating the teeth, we also train your mouth muscles for a beautiful smile.

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      The costs vary per treatment and can be partially or fully insured. The rates are set by the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa), on behalf of the government. Would you like to know more about this? Then read on:

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