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Course information

Course Endodontologie

Intensive hands-on training with live demonstrations
The Root Canal Treatment according to the technique of Professor Herbert Schilder

Friday and Saturday 11 and 12 February 2022
The Retreatment

The date will soon be announced

The outline of the course

Small-scale group (maximum 8 participants)
Intensive hands-on training
Live demonstration with a patient on each course
Focus on skill and efficiency
Rooms equipped with Zeiss microscopes
Pro-taper Universal, Proglider, and Protaper Next
Vertical Condensation with Warm GuttaPercha by Schilder
Thermafill and Guttacore

The vertical condensation of warm Gutta Percha according to Schilder.

With more than 30 years of experience, Rik van Mill has developed an irrevocable passion for endodontics.

Each of the four accessible rooms will have one of our fellow dentists there to individually guide the students.

Meanwhile, Rik has acquired a wealth of expertise and information that he is eager to share with his coworkers at our clinic. He also teaches general practitioners in a small-scale setting, with his colleagues helping him enthusiastically.

The theory of endodontics is explained in detail during the courses, and the essential clinical skills are practiced during hands-on training.

Each course also includes a live demonstration on a patient that can be followed on the screen through the microscope. When you follow the private course you will be able to assist Rik.

All of this defines our small-scale seminars as a fantastic source of inspiration for this fascinating and vital profession of dentistry.

Location: Parmentierlaan 76a te Amstelveen
Costs: €1500,-

Reviews from previous participants

“I always say to every young dentist, the only course that has made me a better dentist is van Mill’s course. I sincerely hope that you will open the eyes of many more dentists, the patient will benefit greatly from it.”
“I would like to thank you, Wilma and all your employees for the very inspiring two “learning days”. I now see that endodontics offers solutions much more often than I possibly thought.”
“What struck me the most was the enthusiasm of the young colleagues who work for you, really inspiring, and also a big compliment to you.”
“Thank you for the course, it was very inspiring and fun.”
“I found the course very inspiring and I immediately started working in good spirits”
“I realize that there is still a lot for me to learn, so I would like to come for a follow-up course.”

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