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Root Canal Treatment in three steps


Depending on the referral and the request of your dentist, the treatment can sometimes be carried out immediately in consultation with you, or you will be given an appointment for the treatment after the consultation.

We usually reserve 2 hours for the treatment. Depending on the complexity of the anatomy.

The tooth is always anaesthetized, even if sometimes there is no feeling left in the tooth. That thought alone is comforting. This makes you relaxed and the treatment can be carried out in a calm manner.

First of all, the molar is isolated from the rest of the teeth and mouth using a rubber surgical cloth – the “cofferdam” – so that you can work safely and hygienically.

After this, the root canal treatment is performed in three steps: the so-called Clean, Shape and Pack.

The inflamed, infected tissue is carefully removed and the channels in which the blood and nerve vessels run are cleaned.

When this has been done for about 80%, the length of each channel is measured separately using an electronic “depth gauge”.

After the depth has been accurately determined, the canals are carefully cleaned, rinsed and dried down to the bottom of the root tip. During cleaning, the specialist also ensures a beautiful shape, “the shape”, with a smooth wall. This is of great importance for adequately filling the space and thus closing the channels.

The Gutta Percha (extracted from an Indonesian rubber plant) is – coated with a special sealer – inserted. With heat and some pressure, the material is pressed into all channels and side channels. A fraction will be squeezed through the end of the root so that a clear stop is created. With this, the specialist can be sure that the channels are completely filled. This stop is clearly visible on the X-ray, which is always made after the treatment.

Finally, the treated tooth is finished with a traditional filling as a seal. Your own dentist will then place a definitive restoration on this.

After care

Existing complaints usually disappear immediately after treatment. However, sometimes there may be some after-effects, varying in nature. It is possible that the inflammation, which was dormant, flares up slightly to violently after the treatment. This may last for a few days, but don’t worry about it.

Although the inflamed nerve tissue has now been removed, and the canals are now completely clean and well filled again, the jawbone around the root tip is still slightly inflamed, but the cause has been removed. The whole healing process only needs some time and you feel free to take a painkiller for this. You might liken it to a splinter in a finger; once it has been removed, it will take some time before the area where the splinter has been is completely healthy and pain-free again.

In exceptional cases, it happens that after the treatment a thick cheek develops, accompanied by violent knocking. Then consideration will be given to prescribing an antibiotic to suppress this flare.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us for advice.

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