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Do you want to know if you are insured?

In the Netherlands, you need dentist insurance for dental coverage

Oral care insurance

The costs for the dentist and other oral care for people over the age of 18 (see ‘other rates’ above) are not covered by the basic insurance. Different rules apply to people under the age of 18. There are also some dental treatments that are reimbursed for everyone who is insured, regardless of age.

Oral care for all insured persons
There are some dental treatments available to all insured persons, regardless of your age. The basic insurance reimburses special dental care if there is a serious (developmental) disorder or abnormality of the mouth.

Oral care for insured persons up to the age of 18
The basic insurance covers an extensive package of treatments. For example: periodic checkups, tartar removal, fillings and surgical dental assistance. Consult your insurance policy for a complete overview.

Periodic check-up (periodic preventive examination): once a year, unless the dentist or dental hygienist thinks it is necessary more than once a year
An occasional consultation (an appointment between periodic checkups)
Remove tartar
Fluoride treatment from the eruption of permanent teeth (adult teeth and molars): a maximum of twice a year, unless more times a year is necessary;
Sealing the molar
Treatment of the periodontium (tissue that fixes the tooth in the jaw)
Root canal treatment
Treatment for complaints about the temporomandibular joint
Platelets and frame prostheses
Crowns, bridges and implants: only for front teeth that have not been formed or have been completely lost due to an accident
Surgical dental care, except implants
X-ray examination, except in the case of orthodontic assistance (braces dentist).

Oral care for insured persons from the age of 18
As mentioned above, the basic insurance for insured people from the age of 18 only covers the costs of various treatments. The basic treatments are covered up to a maximum of two visits a year. With more than two treatments, it is only covered if you have the right additional insurance above the basic insurance.

Surgical Dental Assistance
X-ray examination
Removable dentures

The rest of the treatments, including a periodic check-up, are not reimbursed.

Orthodontics and implants
Orthodontics and implants are covered under special dental care.

Additional dental insurance

Would you like to be reimbursed for more costs for the dentist? Then you can take out additional insurance with your health insurer. Which treatments and how much you are reimbursed differs per insurer.

Ask your health insurer

We always recommend contacting your own health insurer to find out whether your treatments are (partially) reimbursed or not.

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